Department of Psychiatry

Strategic Plan

Dear members of the Department,

This Strategic Plan is the product of the consultation and collaborative efforts of many individuals including faculty, residents, fellows and staff in the department. I want to acknowledge the tremendous work that has gone into its development. I also want to thank the Executive Committee and especially the Priority Leads Drs. Lisa Andermann, Amy Cheung, Kenneth Fung, Russell Schachar, Ken Shulman, Jose Silveira, Ivan Silver and Albert Wong for taking on these very important roles. This is an exciting time in the department and I look forward to further collaborations as we implement the recommendations towards building on our Strategic Vision for the next five years.

L. Trevor Young, Chair and Professor


2015 Integration



Pillar 3 – BRAIN

Brain 2015

Pillar 4 – DIALOGUE

Dialogue 2015

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The Department of Psychiatry at the University of Toronto has undertaken a strategic planning process that will engage a broad community in articulating our core strengths and creating an actionable, inspiring vision for moving the Department of Psychiatry at the University of Toronto to the next level. As a group, we will explore the difference we aim to make in the world and what will we focus on to do that.

As part of that process, we have convened a Core Team of faculty members representing diverse aspects of the Department to help shape the strategic plan. The Core Team will initiate and conduct three or four short stakeholder interviews. The guiding questions developed by the Team, will ensure as many voices as possible are considered in the large group Summit

Two Core Team meetings will be held on April 6th and May 19th. A large group Summit will be held on Friday, June 17 (all day) to consolidate the research phase and create a guiding, inspiring strategic plan for the Department

Areas Represented

All divisions, programs, sites, educators, researchers and clinicians as well as senior and junior and trainees.

Core Team Members

Ameis, Stephanie Andermann, Lisa Baluyut, Crystal Badalato, Heather Buckley, Leslie Cavanagh, Pat
Charach, Alice Chopra, Sabeena Daskalakis, Jeff Dawe, Ian Fischler, Ilan Foussias, George
Fung, Ken Gaind, Sonu Halman, Mark Henderson, Joanna Hensel, Jennifer Hunter, Jon
Kaplan, Allan Kennedy, Sid Kurdyak, Paul Langley, John Leszcz, Molyn Lieff, Susan
Lin, Judy Klassen, Phil Malat, Jan McKenzie, Kwame Pearce, Mark Peltz, Louis
Ramshaw, Lisa Ravitz, Paula Reeves, Scott Ross, Lori Schaffer, Ayal Schulman, Richard
Segal, Zindel Silveira, Jose Silver, Ivan Sockalingam, Sanjeev Stergiopoulos, Vicky Swayze, Ian
Teshima, John Ungar, Thomas Vigod, Simone Voineskos, Aristotle Watson, Priya Wiesenfeld, Lesley
Woo, Vincent Young, Trevor

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