Department of Psychiatry

Departmental Awards

The Department of Psychiatry recognizes the achievements of our residents, fellows, graduate students and faculty members with a number of departmental awards. The awards are presented at the annual Department Dinner. Award winners are selected by designated adjudicators & selection committees. The terms of eligibility for each award are described in the award description.

Undergraduate Awards

Award for Resident Teaching in Undergraduate Education
Abraham Miller Undergraduate Teaching Award

Postgraduate Awards

Addiction Psychiatry Outstanding Resident Award
Paul Steinhauer Award for Best Postgraduate Teacher in Child and Youth Mental Health
Liz Gillespie Award for Best Academic Paper in Child and Youth Mental Health
Child and Youth Mental Health Community Experience Award
Fred Lowy Award in Psychosomatic Medicine, Resident or Fellow: Greatest contribution to research in Psychosomatic Medicine by a Resident or Fellow
Dr. Max Alexandroff Award
Donald A. Wasylenki Award for the Best Sociocultural Psychiatry Grand Rounds
Division of Geriatric Psychiatry Resident Award
Best Case Report Psychotherapy Award for Senior Residents & Fellows
The Psychotherapy Award for Academic Excellence
Allan Kaplan Graduate Award*

Fellowship Awards

Paul E. Garfinkel Award for Best Fellowship Supervisor
Best Accomplishment by a Fellow

Faculty Awards

Donald A. Wasylenki Award
The Henry Durost Award for Excellence in Creative Professional Activity in the Department of Psychiatry
Robin Hunter Memorial Award
Marie Mara Award for Residents Advocacy*
Robin Hunter Postgraduate Teaching Award*
Mary Seeman Award for Achievement in the Area of Psychiatry and Humanities
Psychotherapy Award for Excellence in Supervision
Zofia Pakula Social Justice Award
Ivan Silver Award for Excellence in Continuing Mental Health Education
Paul E. Garfinkel Caversham Booksellers Prize for Excellence in Resident Leadership*

Mary Seeman Award in Clinical Excellence

Harvey Stancer Day Awards

Best Overall Poster Presentation
Best Presentation/Paper by a Fellow
Best Presentation/Paper by a Resident
The John M. Cleghorn Newly Established Researcher Prize (Best Presentation/Paper by a New Investigator)
The Heather Munroe-Blum Award for Best Presentation -Paper by a Graduate student
Dr. Peter Prendergast Ontario Shores Prize in Quality Improvement

*Please contact for information.