Department of Psychiatry


Adult Psychiatry and Health Systems
(Adult Psychiatry; Health Systems)


Dr. K. Sonu Gaind 

Brain and Therapeutics
(Addiction Psychiatry; Mood & Anxiety Disorders; Neuroscience; Schizophrenia)

Dr. Tony P. George 

Dr. Fang Liu

Child and Youth Mental Health  Dr. Peter Szatmari
Consultation/Liaison Psychiatry Dr. Jonathan Hunter
Equity, Gender and Population
(Culture, and Community Health Studies; Women’s Mental Health; TAAPP)
Dr. Simone Vigod
Forensic Psychiatry Dr. Sandy Simpson
Geriatric Psychiatry Dr. Carole Cohen
Psychotherapies, Humanities and Education Scholarship
(Psychotherapy; Health, Arts, and Humanities; Research, Innovation & Scholarship in Education)
Dr. Paula Ravitz