Department of Psychiatry

Continuing Professional and Practice Development (CPPD)

Sanjeev-10-cropContinuing professional and practice development (CPPD) in the Department of Psychiatry focuses on improving mental health care and outcomes in our academic and broader healthcare communities through innovative education programming and context/system interventions. While faculty development focuses on “how to teach a topic” and academic career development, CPPD focuses on building healthcare professionals’ competence or system capacity in a topic area through knowledge translation activities.

As Director of Continuing Professional and Practice Development, Dr. Sanjeev Sockalingam works with faculty, healthcare professionals, patients and their community supports to promote collaborative education innovations to improve mental health care. Education technology and novel education programs are essential components to CPPD activities in the department.

Each year, the Department of Psychiatry delivers more than 80 continuing professional development programs involving more than one hundred teachers each year.

Click here to see our CPPD Strategic Directions.

Dr. Sanjeev Sockalingam
Director, Continuing Professional and Practice Development

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