Department of Psychiatry

Faculty Development

Welcome to the Faculty Development site for the Department of Psychiatry at the University of Toronto. John Teshima is the Director of Faculty Development.

What is Faculty Development?

Faculty Development is any planned activity that facilitates growth and success in a faculty member’s academic roles, activities, and career trajectory.  “Academic” specifically refers to the Department of Psychiatry’s academic mission in education, research, and creative professional activity. Faculty Development, with its focus on academic knowledge and skills, is distinguished from Continuing Professional Practice Development and Continuing Education, which focus on clinical knowledge and skills and other aspects of clinical practice).

Why do Faculty Development?

To be a successful faculty, it is important to continuously expand and improve one’s academic knowledge and skills in the same way as a successful clinician would continuously expand and improve their clinical knowledge and skills.

Committee and Initiatives

To learn about the Faculty Development Committee, annual events, and special initiatives, please feel free to browse the menu below and to the right-hand side.

 Standing Items
 Faculty Development Committee
 Faculty Development Resources
 Centre for Faculty Development
Recurring Faculty Development Events
Orientation Day for New Faculty
Promotions Boot Camp
Donald Wasylenki Education Day
Other Initiatives
Building Resilience Workshop
Mississauga Academy of Medicine (MAM)
Ontario Shores
STACER Examiner Training
Teaching for Learning and Collaboration (TLC) for Psychiatry

Past Events (2015 – 2016)

Materials from the following past events can be obtained by contacting

  1. Orientation Day for New Faculty – Friday, October 16
  2. STACER Examiner Training – Friday, November 6
  3. Promotions Boot Camp – Friday, November 27
  4. Donald Wasylenki Education Day – Friday, February 26