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Faculty Promotions


Junior Promotions:

  • Junior Promotions process to the Rank of Assistant Professor is fully outlined on the Junior Promotions webpage of this website.
Senior Promotions:
  • Education Dossier – A Primer*: [ View ]
Please Note:
*This material was prepared by Dr. Susan Lieff to assist faculty members with the construction of an Education Dossier. It is not intended to replace the official guidelines.

Creative Professional Activity (CPA):

Please visit our Creative Professional Activity page for more information.

Dear Faculty in the Department of Psychiatry,

Creative Professional Activity is increasingly recognized, alongside research, educational scholarship and sustained clinical and teaching excellence as a category that captures valued contributions to the academic enterprise that are deserving of consideration for promotion. However, in the past there has been confusion and ambiguity about what academic activities fall into this category and about how best to fairly evaluate the integrity and impact of CPA. Thus, a sub-committee on Creative Professional Development, chaired by Dr. Ivan Silver was struck and following a process of consulting the literature and discussions, a template was developed with the aim of assisting reviewers in their considerations of those applicants submitting CPA. The template was piloted and revised following feedback, and found to be a very helpful in reviews, particularly in facilitating reviewers’ weighing of the amount of rigor involved in CPA and the range of impact.

We encourage the use of the attached CPA-Promotion-Template-Sept2012 to provide direction to both faculty applicants and the promotions committee adjudication process that outline and summarize the most important aspects of Creative Professional Activity.


CPA Task Force