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4th Annual Mindfest – October 5, 2016


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What is Mindfest?

Mindfest is an all-day mental health and wellness fair that takes place on Wednesday, October 5, 2016 as part of National Mental Illness Awareness Week. As the signature UT Department of Psychiatry anti-stigma initiative, Mindfest engages our attendees to:

  1. Promote awareness, dialogue, and understanding about mental health and illness;
  2. Decrease stigma related to mental illness;
  3. Increase awareness of other available community resources and services

This will be a full-day event held at the Hart House, in collaboration with U of T Student Health and Wellness, Hart House, and Workman Arts. Planned activities include exhibit booths, interactive workshops and guest speakers.

Mindfest is open to the public, though our focus is on educating students about mental health issues and concerns, while working to erase the stigma that those who live with mental illness face. Please help us spread the word about this lively event – we would love to see you there!

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For information about previous years’ events, visit these pages:

To learn more about last year’s speakers and workshop faciliators, please visit our 2015 Mindfest Speakers page.

To see a list of our Mindfest 2015 exhibitors, please visit our exhibits page.

For Mindfest press coverage, visit Mindfest in the News

Mindfest is an informative, inspirational, inclusive community-building event. Through equitable partnership among academic and educational institutions, not-for-profit health and mental health organizations, not-for-profit wellness related organizations, we aim to increase awareness of mental health and illness as well as resources and services available for people with lived experiences, families, advocates, and our communities. Please click here to learn more about partnering with Mindfest.

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