Department of Psychiatry

Bruce Ballon

Never Bet the Devil Your Head: Gambling, Mental Health and Magic —

11:30pm-12:30pm @ Music Room —

Dr. Bruce Ballon is an Associate Professor of Public Health and Psychiatry for the University of Toronto’s Faculty of Medicine and Adjunct Professor for the University of Ontario Institute of Technology’s Faculty of Health Sciences. Dr. Ballon also is an Academic Educator for the Centre for Faculty Development at the University of Toronto. As Director of Education for SIM-one (the Simulation Network of Ontario), Dr. Ballon has designed numerous workshops, events, expositions, certification programs and more for advancing the uptake and innovation of simulation across healthcare. In this role he promotes the embedding of inter professionalism and patient safety in education and training.He is the lead developer and lead of the Advanced Clinical and Educational Services (ACES) for Problem Gambling, Gaming and Internet Addiction at the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH). Dr. Ballon is also a Senior Education Consultant for enhancing experiential techniques for training and simulation at Baycrest for healthy aging and brain health. He also participates in the Arts and Humanities for Healthcare activities offered through Mount Sinai Hospital.

Dr. Ballon is a sought-after speaker for national and international meetings. He has also has acted as a consultant for many healthcare professional organizations in regard to addiction and mental-health issues, such as the OMA, MOHLTC, CNO. He has written books for children, parents, and the general public on youth and family health issues. Dr. Ballon is considered an expert in the area of simulation and experiential interactive techniques. He has designed a variety of novel educational and therapy initiatives involving the use of film, television, the internet, video games, theatre, magic, mentalism and art. Dr. Ballon has been a consultant and advisor to a variety of media-related activities including television, plays, novels and film productions to help create accurate portrayals of psychiatric and addiction elements. Dr. Ballon also works with industries involved in interactive technology and games for understanding its impact on people’s lives. He has also created games dealing with mental-health and addiction issues that have garnered him awards from the Games Manufacturers Association and international literary and academic associations. He is also an illusionist who has presented at Stratford and other illustrious venues across the globe, using magic and mentalism to educate on issues regarding mental health and addiction.