Department of Psychiatry

Mandana Vahabi

Resurrection of Slavery in 21st Century: Mental Health of Living Care Givers —

9:30am-10:30am @ Music Room

Mandana Vahabi, RN, MHSC, PhD is an Associate Professor at Ryerson University, Faculty of Community Services, Daphne Cockwell school of Nursing. She is the co-director of Centre for Global Health and Health Equity and co-chair of Diverse and At Risk Population Research Cluster. Dr. Mandana Vahabi joined Ryerson University in August 2007. Her research and scholarship focus on health equity and social determinants of health, particularly among women, immigrants, temporary migrant workers, and refugees, particularly in the areas of Cancer screening, chronic disease prevention, Mental health, and HIV/AIDS. Drawing on her extensive experience in social epidemiology and community health, she works closely with multidisciplinary teams and community stakeholders to develop research underpinned by the principles of cultural congruence and meaningful engagement. In her work with immigrant population she has also been involved in the design, implementation and evaluation of culturally sensitive and appropriate health promotion interventions.

Prior to joining Ryerson she worked as a project director for a MOHLTC initiative “POWER Study: A Project for an Ontario Women’s Health Evidence-Based Report”. She also was a policy consultant at the Ministry of Health Long Term Care, Population Health Policy & Planning and Women’s Health Branch. She worked as senior epidemiologist/ health planner at the Toronto District Health Council (TDHC) where she was involved in managing various system level projects such as “Heath System Monitoring and Evaluation”, and “Toronto Small Planning Areas: A Population-Based Approach to constructing New Health Planning Areas in the City”.