Department of Psychiatry

Miner’s Lamp Innovation Fund

On behalf of Dr. Alastair Flint, Vice-Chair, Research 

I am delighted to announce that Dr. Vincenzo De Luca and Drs. Joanna Henderson & Aristotle Voineskos have received research grant awards from the Miner’s Lamp Innovation Fund in the Prevention and Early Detection of Severe Mental Illness for 2016. Dr. De Luca received funding to support his project “Interaction between early life adversities and schizophrenia vulnerability genes in conferring risk for suicide in young people”.

Drs. Henderson and Voineskos received funding for their project “Early Identification of Psychosis Spectrum Symptoms: A Novel Ascertainment Approach Through Tertiary Care Child & Youth Clinics”. The generous gift received by the University of Toronto’s Department of Psychiatry from IAMGOLD Corporation and its partners will be used over the next few years to fund studies that have the potential to impact the trajectory and outcomes of mental illness within adolescent and young adult patient populations, with a focus on prevention and early detection.

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