Department of Psychiatry


The goal of this ON-CALL RESOURCE is to have available in one location the resources that are most useful for the on-call psychiatrist. Our hope is to simplify on-call duties, be they on the medical/surgical/psych wards or in the emergency room. (DISCLAIMER: It is not our intention to provide resources for every situation that could possibly arise, or to replace clinical judgement or judicious use of consultation from other services. Rather, we hope to address particular ‘high yield’ issues.) These include those that:

  • arise frequently (example: MOH forms)
  • arise rarely but can be addressed easily by having the right resource available (Example: MOTHER-RISK for prescribing during pregnancy)
  • may fall outside your routine areas of expertise, and require a ‘brush-up’ to allow you to act confidently (example: Use of the CIWA scale for alcohol withdrawal management)

Jon Hunter, Ian Dawe, Tony George, David Gotlib,Vicky Stergiopolous, Sanjeev Sockalingam, Nathalie Pelladeau,  Bev Young, Gayla Tennen, Rob Jankalns, Pat Colton, Mary Elliot, and Andrea Waddell

We welcome your input to further modifications, please contact Jeanette Villapando at:

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