Department of Psychiatry

Dr. Andrew Howlett

Assistant Professor

Division One: Child and Adolescent

Division Two: Equity, Gender and Population

Contact Information

St. Joseph's Health Centre
30 The Queensway
Toronto, ON M6R 1B5
Room: 3L-234

416-530-6000 x4518



Dr. Howlett completed his medical doctorate at Dalhousie University (2007) and a residency in psychiatry at the University of Toronto (2012). Dr. Howlett is a psychiatrist in the Child, Adolescent and Family Mental Health Program at SJHC where he also works as an educator, administrator and researcher. Dr. Howlett’s evolving area of interest is Fathers’/Men’s Mental Health. He is the founder of the Fathers’ Mental Health Network (, and the creator of the Shoulder-to-Shoulder Project, a campaign to engage men in talking about their health. Dr. Howlett is the first to provide a Fathers’ Mental Health Consultation and Treatment Program in Canada.

Research Interests

Fathers' Mental Health (CIHR Planning Grant 2013)
Screening Expectant Fathers for Depression (SJHC 2013)
Promoting Fathers' Mental Health (CIHR Team Grant 2014 - application under review)
Developing Interpersonal Psychotherapy for Fathers with Postpartum Depression (IPT-F)
The Stigma of Mental Illness in Fatherhood (Supervising Ben Rosen)
Engage, Assessing and Treating Fathers with Mental Illness (Evaluation Project)