Department of Psychiatry

Dr. Andrea Iaboni

Assistant Professor

Division One: Geriatric Psychiatry

Contact Information

Toronto Rehabilitation Institute, University Health Network
550 University Avenue
Toronto, ON M5G 2A2
Room: 5-105-3

416-597-3422 xx3027



Dr. Iaboni is a geriatric psychiatrist and clinical researcher based at the Toronto Rehabilitation Institute, University Health Network. She completed a doctorate in Molecular Immunology followed by post-doctoral research in Sleep Medicine and a research fellowship in Geriatric Psychiatry.

She has a program of research with two main themes 1) The relationship between psychotropic medications and falls and mobility in older adults, and 2) Innovative technologies for improving the quality of dementia care, particularly around the management of falls and behavioural symptoms.  Dr. Iaboni’s research includes pharmacoepidemiological research, collaboration with engineers and computer scientists for technology development, and clinical trials of innovations in dementia care.

Research Interests

Her research interests include 1) Prevention of injury through rational use of psychotropic medications in frail older adults, and 2) Prevention of disability in older adults after falls or injuries. At present, Dr. Iaboni’s research includes both pharmacoepidemiological research into current psychotropic prescribing practices and clinical trials of medication effects on balance and gait.

Current projects:
1) Effect of depression and fear of falling on outcomes of older adults participating in a falls prevention program.
2) Effect of a selective serotonin re-uptake inhibitor (SSRI antidepressant) on balance and gait in older adults with depression.
3) Prescribing practices and risks in the initiation of antidepressant therapy in older adults after hip fracture.
4) Trends in the use of sedative medications in older adults in the community and long-term care in Ontario.