Department of Psychiatry

Dr. Gerald M. Devins


Division One: Consultation/Liaison Psychiatry

Division Two: Equity, Gender and Population

Contact Information

UHN - Toronto General Hospital
200 Elizabeth Street
Toronto, ON M5G 2C4
Room: 9EN-223



Research Interests

My research focuses on quality of life and the psychosocial impact of chronic disease. The illness intrusiveness theoretical framework proposes that illness- and treatment-induced disruptions to lifestyles, activities, and interests (i.e., illness intrusiveness) compromise quality of life among people affected by chronic conditions by reducing the gratifying consequences of participation in psychologically meaningful activity and by reducing personal control over valued outcomes. Research currently in progress examines illness intrusiveness among people affected by cancer and tests the hypothesis that psychological, social, and contextual factors modify its deleterious psychosocial impact (including age, gender, culturally based social values, self-concept, recent eventful stressors, and socioeconomic status). Participants include North American-born Caucasian and Asian-born Chinese people with cancer. This work is supported by research grants from CIHR. Other ongoing studies continue to validate the illness intrusiveness theoretical framework in other chronic disease groups, including both medical and psychiatric conditions.