Department of Psychiatry

How to Apply

Application Process

Please read the following outline below first. Applications should be submitted electronically to Robert Gardin ( If you qualify and are interested in applying, download all documents below.

Applications are due on April 15th or November 1st (or next business day), requirements for each stream are as follows:

  Pre-graduate and Post-graduate Stream Graduate stream

One copy of the CSP Application Form



If you are applying to graduate school and have completed an application package, appending your graduate school application to this form will suffice for an overview of your research project. Otherwise, 3 pages are required as a description

Personal statement by the candidate related to why he/she wants to engage in research training

Yes Yes

Your Curriculum Vitae

Yes Yes

Letter of support from an identified supervisor in the Department outlining:

  • A proposed research project,
  • An assessment of the candidate’s potential as a research

Yes, must also include:

  • Statement of commitment to supervising the resident for a half day per week in the PGY-2 to PGY-4 years and two months in the PGY-1 year
  • Statement to complete biannual progress reports

 Yes, must also include:

  • Statement of commitment to supervise the CSP resident as a graduate student.
  • Statement to complete annual progress reports

Additional letters of support required attesting to applicant’s potential as a researcher and evaluating academic/track record

1 2

Proof of enrolment in a Graduate Program or having applied to a graduate program

No Yes



Project Requirements

Although each proposed project will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis, several guiding principles will apply in the majority of cases. These principles are intended to converge with the requirements and expectations of the faculty of medicine’s Clinician Investigator Program.

  1. Projects should be data-driven. Although literature reviews are important, they are not generally sufficient for a CSP project.
  2. There should be a balance of learning and opportunities such that the trainee has the opportunity to produce research outputs (e.g. publications, research presentations) while also gaining pragmatic exposure to conducting research (e.g. IRB applications, recruitment, data analysis, etc).


Director, Clinician Scientist Program:
Benjamin I. Goldstein, MD, PhD, FRCPC
Associate Professor
Departments of Psychiatry, Pharmacology, and Psychological Clinical Science
Director, Clinician Scientist Program, Department of Psychiatry
University of Toronto
Director, Centre for Youth Bipolar Disorder
Director of Research, Department of Psychiatry
Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre