Department of Psychiatry

Suze Berkhout

Degree(s): MD, PhD

Program (Year): CSP Postgraduate Stream, (PGY5)


My research interests focus on contemporary feminist ethics and feminist philosophy of science, and how theoretical insights from these areas of scholarship might aid in understanding challenges in contemporary medical practices as well as inform improvements in mental health clinical services. My doctoral research (MD/PhD, Experimental Medicine, UBC) examined the ways in which social identity impacts the uptake of HIV/AIDS care in an inner city setting, and I have now developed similar lines of research within psychiatry. I have a special interest in how knowledge practices in medicine have unintended ethical consequences and utilize narrative methodologies to explore these issues within first episode psychosis. I’m also involved in a philosophical project examining placebo/nocebo effects.

Project Title(s):

  1. Principle Investigator, Ontologies of First Episode Psychosis: A Critical Exploration through Narrative (collaborator/supervisor, Gary Remington)
  2. Co-Principle Investigator, Feminist Placebos: A Philosophical Analysis of Placebo/Nocebo Effects and the Significance for Feminist Science Studies (co-PI, Ada Jaarsma, Mount Royal University)
  3. Co-investigator, “Client, Family and Provider Perspectives of an Integrated Care Pathway for First Episode Psychosis” (PI, Juveria Zaheer, CAMH)
  4. Co-investigator, “Did I do the Right Thing? A Practical Handbook to Foster Insight and Reflective Capacity of the CanMEDS Advocate Role for Medical Residents” (PI, Sophie Soklaridis, CAMH)
  5. Working Group Member, “Experts By Experience: Developing a Program for Service-users as Teachers in the Mental Health and Addictions Professions” (PI, Sacha Agrawal)
  6. Placebogenic Fantasies: Impurity, Efficacy, and Ontologies of Placebo Effects in Biomedicine (in collaboration with Ada Jaarsma, Mount Royal University)

Supervisor(s): Gary Remington; Collaborator: Juveria Zaheer; Mentor: Pier Bryden