Department of Psychiatry

Harvey Stancer Research Day FAQs

faqWho may attend?
This event is open to all faculty, residents, fellows and staff in the Department of Psychiatry and we hope everyone will participate.
Who needs to Register?

All Attendees are required to register on-line. Co-authors and Co-Presenters must register separately for the event.

Do I need register when submitting an Abstract/Plenary Paper?

No, it is not necessary to register at the time of submission. Registration will be open until June 1, 2018. HOWEVER, all presenters must register for the conference. If your abstract/plenary paper is accepted, you will be reminded to register when you confirm your invitation to present.

How do I register for the Mentorship Breakfast as a Trainee or Mentor?

Complete the Registration form and indicate YES to the Mentorship Breakfast questions and complete the short questionnaire that will appear.

Is there a registration fee?
Registration is free.
Who should submit the Abstract?
The Principal Author (or person who will be presenting) should submit the abstract.
How do I apply to present at a Plenary session?
Please upload your paper (published between March 1, 2017 and Feb 28, 2018) through the Plenary and Abstract Submission Form.
I submitted an Abstract and I want to apply for an Award?
All abstract submissions qualify for applicable awards.
I want to present jointly with a colleague, is this allowed?
Joint presentations by co-presenters are acceptable, but only eligible to receive one award. The abstract submission can be submitted by either of the co-presenters (not both), please ensure to list the names of all co-presenters and researchers.
I submitted an Abstract in the Either (Oral or Poster presentation format) category and I want to be considered for an Award (for Best Poster or Best Oral Presentation)?
All submitted abstracts (both poster and oral) are considered for research day awards. Please visit our Awards Page for more information about research day awards.
If you have further questions, please email: