Department of Psychiatry

Performing Psychiatry Photos (2016)

Performing Psychiatry took place on January 14, 2016 at Innis College, featuring: an acapella performance of an original composition by Ivan Silver, Hannah Levinson’s angelic vocals, Mary Jane Esplen on piano, a cello-piano duet of Amit Rotem & Peter Voore, an operatic performance of Blake Woodside, Eileen Sloan’s fiddling, Ronna Bloom’s poetry, readings by Simon Yu, Taylor Armstrong and Lucy Gagliese, stand-up comedy by Sonia Merai!!,  a live theatre performance of “The Examination Room” by the Staging Medicine Group – written and performed by Amy Gajaria, June Lam, Mary Yang, David Matthews, Emily Swinkin, co-directed by Colleen Murphy & Suvendrini Lena; Flamenco by Devina Wadhwa, Popping by Ein Jun Bae, and a wonderful visual arts exhibit by Daniel Greben, John Strauss, Candice Kung, Alex Panactoui, Diane Meschino, Sherlyn Hu, Allison Crawford and Lisa Richardson!

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