2019-20 Rotation Structure

CBD LogoOver the past several weeks, there have been numerous discussions regarding the clinical rotation schedule that is followed as the CBD curriculum rolls out, to ensure that it is best meeting our learners' needs. We accessed a variety of resources to inform our discussions including the evolving Royal College plans, feedback from learners, supervisors and coaches, and input of various groups such as the chiefs of psychiatry, the addictions team, and ambulatory supervisors.

As a result of our analysis and discussions, a recent decision was made to make a modification to the PGY2 rotations. This will impact the current PGY1 cohort next year. You may recall that their proposed PGY2 year was divided into 4 months inpatient, 4 months child and 4 months geriatrics. We have decided to move their geriatrics rotation to their PGY3 year and instead offer them 2 months of a revamped addictions experience and 2 months of elective time.

We think this stays true to the core values that were voiced by residents in the early pilot feedback. We are maintaining a strong commitment to the LAE and to shorter rotations, an appreciation of practical issues related to resident wellness vis a vis expected geographic location, and a recognition of positive responses to the PGY2 child rotation. By moving the complexities of geriatrics until later in training we will be providing an earlier, high quality addictions experience. Finally, we are able to integrate flexibility earlier on with additional elective time in PGY2. The 2018-20 Rotation Structure is illustrated below.

If you have any questions, comments or concerns regarding the 2019-20 rotation structure, please let us know at cbd.psych@utoronto.ca










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