Annual Report 2017/18: Continuing Professional and Practice Development (CPPD)

4 people putting together large puzzle piecesContinuing Professional and Practice Development (CPPD) in the Department of Psychiatry aims to grow leadership in mental health CPPD to improve quality of care. We continue to focus on engaging faculty in Quality Improvement (QI), supporting lifelong learning through the use of data and practice feedback, and developing programs to support mental health practice improvement.

Recent CPPD-lead initiatives:

  • The Department launched our inaugural University of Toronto Department of Psychiatry Psychotherapy Conference to compliment our Psychopharmacology Conference. The conference focused on the future of psychotherapy and engaged faculty, residents and community stakeholders to discuss the use of technology to improve access and quality of psychotherapy care. The Psychopharmacology Conference continued to attract psychiatrists across the Greater Toronto Area and offered practice improvement opportunities to support provider practice change.
  • The CPPD Committee worked to develop and finalize new strategic directions to guide the Department’s CPPD activities from 2018-2020. Key strategic directions include:
    • Building capacity for future clinicians in quality improvement in mental health
    • Supporting lifelong learning through feedback from data
    • Integrating practice improvement within CPD

The committee has started to develop activities to support these areas of focus, such as using the CPPD Annual Conference as an opportunity to build capacity in quality improvement and to identify alignments between practice improvement and CPD.

  • Several faculty were awarded local and international awards for CPPD activities. Dr. Diana Kljenak was awarded the 2018 University of Toronto Colin R. Woolf Award for Long-Term Commitment to Continuing Education. This award honours one member in the Faculty of Medicine who has shown sustained commitment and excellence in CPD. In addition, Drs. Sanjeev Sockalingam and David Wiljer were awarded the 2017 Society for Academic Continuing Medical Education (SACME) Phil Manning Research Award, which is given to one CPD research team in North America every two years. This award provided research funding for the team to explore the relationship between lifelong learning and practice data use, and will be used to improve our understanding of how Canadian psychiatrists in comparison to surgeons use data to drive their learning and practice improvement.


Director: Dr. Sanjeev Sockalingam