Dr. Daisy Singla receives an Academic Scholar Award to assist her research on increasing access to evidence-based psychological treatments

Dr. Daisy SinglaDr. Daisy Singla is focused on scaling up evidence-based psychological treatments, with a history of global health research in low-resource contexts, such as India, Bangladesh, Uganda and Kenya. With the help of an Academic Scholar Award from the Department of Psychiatry at the University of Toronto, her primary goal is to improve maternal mental health and child outcomes by increasing access of effective treatments to mothers during the perinatal period here in the Canadian context.

As a Clinician Scientist, Assistant Professor and Medical Psychiatry Alliance Distinguished Fellow in the Department of Psychiatry, she is committed to engaging students, policy makers, community organizations, front-line providers, and patients in integrated knowledge translation.

“My research is focused on evaluating mental health care solutions that are accessible, cost-effective, patient-centered,  and scalable” say Dr. Singla, who is also a Clinician Scientist at Sinai Health System (SHS) and Lunenfeld-Tanenbaum Research Institute. “The lessons we have implemented and tested in low- and middle-income countries are definitely applicable to the local context”.

Dr. Singla’s most current work involves implementing her findings into a local context. “The paradox between the evidence supporting psychological treatments for depression and anxiety and their lack of access is unprecedented.  I am very excited to implement my research here in Toronto. The best part of this research is the opportunity to work with intelligent, world-renown collaborators who are humble in their teachings, passionate about their work, and focused in their goals” she says. “Together, we are finding ways to overcome structural barriers, reverse-engineer the innovations from abroad, and ultimately scale up psychological treatments in Canada”.