Annual Report 2017/18: Awards & Honours


Members of the Department of Psychiatry receive recognition for their research, teaching, leadership, and dedication to the psychiatry profession in the form of a record number of awards and honours.

What follows is a sampling of the many diverse honours earned by members of the Department of Psychiatry (that have been forwarded to Psych News between June 2017 and May 2018). We recognize their commitment, skill and impact on the communities in which we live and work. Omission from this list does not signify diminished importance.

Department of Psychiatry Awards

Award Nominees Winner
Abraham Miller Undergraduate Teaching Award

Justin Delwo

Ilana Shawn 

Philip Gerretsen

Katie Sheehan

Philip Gerretsen
Award in Addiction Psychiatry: Outstanding Resident

Susan Franchuk, PGY5

Tanya Hauck, PGY5 

Katrina Hui, PGY2

Saadia Sediqzadah, PGY3

Mary Yang, PGY4

Mary Yang, PGY4
Award for Resident Teaching in Undergraduate Education

Mohammed Attia 

Jordan Bawks

Malcolm Chan

Helen Lee 

Michael Tau 

Aislynn Torfason 

Malcolm Chan
Best Accomplishment by a fellow (clinical)

Nitin Chopra

Christopher Kowalski 

Dina Lagzfins

Myriam Le Blanc

Christopher Kowalski
Best accomplishment by a fellow (research)

Fernando Caravaggio

Amruta Shanbhag

Fernando Caravaggio
Division of Geriatric Psychiatry Resident Award  

Ruxandra Colibasanu 

Alexendra Olteanu

Donald A. Wasylenki Award For The Best Sociocultural Psychiatry Grand Rounds

Jessica Braidek 

Zainab Furqan 

Daniel Rosenbaum 

Katie Zhu

Daniel Rosenbaum
Donald Wasylenki Award for Social Responsibility

Lisa Andermann

Fang Liu

Lisa Andermann
Dr. Allan Kaplan Graduate Award   Eric Brown
Dr. Max Alexandroff Award   Lucy Barker
Fred Lowy Award in Psychosomatic Medicine, Resident or Fellow: Greatest Contribution to research in Psychosomatic Medicine by a Resident or Fellow   Roisin Byrne
Ivan L. Silver Award for Excellence in Psychiatry Continuing Professional and Practice Development

Michaela Beder, Refugee Report Writing Initiative

Peggy Richter, Advanced Community Care for OCD 

Lesley Wiesenfeld, Sinai Perinatal Health Webinar Series 

Peggy Richter, Advanced Community Care for OCD
Liz Gillespie Award for Best Paper on a Research Topic in Child and Youth Mental Health by A Resident

Zenita Alidina

Danielle Baribeau 

Aneta Krakowski

Arianne St. Jacques 

Simina Toma

Danielle Baribeau
Marie Mara Award for Residents Advocacy

Sacha Agrawal 

Brittany Clelland 

Robert Gardin 

Julie Maggi 

Karianne Mintz 

Adrienne Tan

Sacha Agrawal
Mary Seeman Award for Clinical Excellence

John Langley

Vicky Stergiopoulos

Vicky Stergiopoulos
Mary Seeman Award for Achievement in the Area of Psychiatry and Humanities

Sumedha Arya

Phoene Bao

Connor Brenna 

Irene Chen 

Kara Hounsell 

Sabah Khan 

Conor Lavelle 

Carolyn Reardon 

Vamana Rajeswaran 

Rebecca Rodin 

Eleanor Shin 

Abdul Sidiqi 

Sophia Wen 

Carolyn Reardon, PGY2 
Paul E. Garfinkel Award for Best Fellowship Supervisor

Vincenzo De Luca

Margaret Hahn

Sanjeev Kumar 

Suvercha Pasricha

Margaret Hahn
Paul E. Garfinkel Caversham Booksellers Prize for Excellence in Resident Leadership  

Sarah Levitt

David Matthews

Paul Steinhauer Award for Best postgraduate teacher in child and youth mental health

Chetana Kulkarni 

Krista Lemke 

Suneeta Monga

Chetana Kulkarni
Psychotherapy Award for Excellence in Supervision

Hilary Offman

Sharon Szmuilowicz

Hilary Offman
Resident Psychotherapy award: best clinical case report submitted by a resident

Sarah Bush 

Rayanne Elias 

Sarah Bush 
Robin Hunter Memorial Award   Fernando Caravaggio
Robin Hunter Postgraduate Teaching Award

Shaheen Darani 

Mark Halman 

Ioana Iordache 

Rex Kay

Jared Peck 

Mary Preisman 

Ayal Schaffer 

Karen Shin 

Mark Sinyor

Adrienne Tan 

Yanying Zhou

Drs. Mark Sinyor and Yanying Zhou
The Gregory Brown Award Departmental Nominee: Danielle Baribeau TBD August 2018
The Henry Durost Award for Excellence in Creative Professional Activity in the Department of Psychiatry

David Gratzer 

Janice Halpern 

Joanna Henderson 

Paul Kurdyak 

Mark Rapoport 

Mark Sinyor

Paul Kurdyak
The Psychotherapy Award for Academic Excellence

Kenneth Fung

Janice Halpern 

Judith Laposa 

Kenneth Fung
Zofia Pakula Social Justice Award

Zainab Furqan 

Mary Yang

Mary Yang


  • Sacha Agrawal – Early Career Development Award, Association for Academic Psychiatry
  • David Goldbloom – APA Distinguished Life Fellow
  • Raed Hawa and his Clinical Simulation Initiative Team – 2018 American College of Psychiatrists Creativity in Psychiatric Education Award
  • Andrea Levinson – 2017-2018 ACHA Affiliate New Professionals Award, American College Health Association
  • Martin Rotenberg (PGY3) – Douglas Bennett Prize, Royal College of Psychiatrists, Faculty of Rehabilitation and Social Psychiatry
  • Sanjeev Sockalingam – 2018 Alan Stoudemire Award for Innovation and Excellence in C-L Psychiatry Education, Academy of Consultation- Liaison Psychiatry  
  • Sophie Soklaridis – Tina Martimianakis Award for Connecting People and Ideas, Arnold P. Gold Foundation Research Institute
  • Donna Stewart – World Psychiatric Association Honorary Fellow


  • Lisa Andermann & Clare Pain – Amina Malko Award, The Canadian Centre for Victims of Torture
  • Anne Bassett – CPA Distinguished Fellow
  • Allison Crawford, Sanjeev Sockalingam, Linda Mohri, Eva Serhal – Joint CPA- COPCE Award for Most Outstanding Continuing Education Activity in Psychiatry in Canada
  • Benjamin Goldstein – 2017 Recipient of The Royal - Mach - Gaensslen Prize for Mental Health Research of the Year
  • Claire De Souza – 2017 Excellence in Education Award, Canadian Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry
  • Sidney Kennedy – 2017 Douglas Utting Prize
  • Aneta Krakowski, PGY4 – Dan Offord Resident Research Award, Association of Professors of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry of Canada
  • Susan Lieff – 2018 CAME Ian Hart Award for Distinguished Contribution to Medical Education
  • Susan Lieff – Royal College Duncan Graham Award
  • Yona Lunsky – Steven Reiss Research Award, National Association on Dual Diagnosis
  • Kwame McKenzie – Harry Jerome Award
  • Bruce Pollock – 2017 Canadian Academy of Geriatric Psychiatry Award
  • Gail Robinson – Member of the Order of Canada


  • Michaela Beder– OPA Breakout Community Psychiatry Advocacy Award
  • Sidney Kennedy – Life Membership in the Ontario Medical Association
  • Kwame McKenzie – Special Adviser to the Basic Income Pilot by the Ontario Cabinet