Annual Report 2017/18: Faculty Development

People collaborating on a projectFaculty development in the Department of Psychiatry facilitates the academic career development of our over 900 faculty.

Highlights of the past year include:

  • With the rollout of Competency By Design (CBD) for all PGY-1s in July 2018, preparing faculty for this transition has been a priority.  This year’s Donald Wasylenki Education Day provided a major focus on CBD, starting with a plenary session in which Dr. Sarah Colman provided an overview of CBD in the residency program.  Dr. Sophie Soklaridis then introduced the R2C2 model of feedback that can be incorporated into CBD.  Faculty had the opportunity to practice using an evaluation tool and discuss how they would provide feedback to a resident.  Two afternoon workshops also focused on CBD, teaching attendees about the coaching model and running a Longitudinal Ambulatory Clinic.  Both were well attended and sparked lively discussion about how these models could be implemented at other sites in the coming academic year.
  • Over the past few years, the Department has been training faculty as Exit STACER examiners through presentations and video vignettes based on real Exit STACER exams.  With Child and Geriatric STACERs now a standard expectation for PGY-3s, the Department held a joint training session for Child, Geriatric, and Exit STACER examiners.  The session focused on common issues for all STACER exams and then had breakout sessions focusing on each subgroup of examiners.  These training sessions and materials have also been provided to the Northern Ontario School of Medicine (NOSM) Psychiatry residency program at their request.  Furthering this collaboration, this fall NOSM faculty and residents came to Toronto to run their Exit STACERs with U of T faculty.
  • Dr. Ivan Silver was recognized for his leadership and dedication to the field of faculty development with the 2018 Helen Batty Award for Sustained Contribution to the Field of Faculty Development.  Dr. Silver has been a career teacher and educator, whose work in faculty development spans over 35 years.  In 1982, he was part of a working group that developed workshops on teaching skills for faculty in the Department of Psychiatry at the University of Toronto.  These were the first formal faculty development activities in the Department’s history.  Ten years later he was creating faculty development workshops for the Faculty of Medicine at a time where there was no formal position or office in the Faculty for faculty development.  Ten years after that he was selected as the inaugural Director of the Centre for Faculty Development, a joint venture between the Faculty of Medicine and St. Michael’s Hospital.  Almost a decade later, he initiated and was Co-Chair of the 1st International Conference in Faculty Development.  Dr. Silver epitomizes the title of this award and our Department congratulates him for receiving this honour.

Director: John Teshima