Annual Report 2017/18: Fellowship

Female fellow smilingOur Fellowship program attracts some of the best and brightest future leaders in psychiatry. We currently train 80 fellows from all six continents. Approximately two-thirds of our fellows are MDs, and one-third are PhDs. 

Highlights of the past year include:

  • Monthly Workshops that included two types of seminars:
    • Interactive sessions with prominent senior faculty to advance professional development. Recent topics included “Developing Future Leaders in Health Care”, “Reflections on a Career in Academic Education”, “Effective Teaching”, and “Leading and Following: Lessons from Legends”.
    • New “Knowledge Exchange Seminars” where two trainees presented their work, allowing them to enhance their presentation skills, engage in stimulating discussion,  and explore opportunities for collaboration.
  • The Fellowship Alumni Network continues to expand via outreach and a growing alumni database.  This network provides opportunities for alumni to attend Department events and receive regular updates on departmental news. Moving forward, the network will aim to link prospective and current fellows with alumni to encourage academic growth, and guide professional development. The network will also work to improve interaction and collaboration between national and international alumni through in-person and virtual events.
  • To improve and streamline the application process, the Fellowship Program, in conjunction with Postgraduate Medical Education (PGME), has strengthened guidelines and aims to implement online application forms.  

Director: Dr. Arun Ravindran