Awards & Recognitions

Abraham Miller Award 

This Departmental award is presented annually at the Departmental Dinner to an outstanding educator/teacher in the realm of undergraduate education. Excellence may be in the areas of teaching, educational administration or development of curriculum or evaluation methodology.

  • 2019 recipient: Dr. Neely Bakshi from the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health


Resident Teaching Award

In order to fittingly recognize and encourage outstanding contributions to teaching medical students, this award is presented at the annual Departmental Dinner to the nominee deemed most worthy by our Undergraduate Awards Committee.

  • 2019 recipient: Dr. Joshua Rosenblat (PGY5)


  • Dr. Nathan Bakker
  • Dr. Zainab Furqan
  • Dr. Navdeep Sandhu
  • Dr. Mara Silver
  • Dr. Tamir Streiner

Student Convocation Awards

The following awards are presented to graduating students at the MD Program convocation in June:

Dr. Benjamin W. Appleton Prize in Psychiatry

This prize is awarded to a student in the final year who has demonstrated special interest and achievement in the field of psychiatry, on the nomination of the Chair of the Department of Psychiatry.

  • 2019 recipient: Josiah Osagie

Dr. Samuel Stein Memorial Award

The Stein Memorial is awarded to a graduating medical student who has demonstrated excellence in therapeutic communications during core and/or elective rotations in Psychiatry.

  • 2019 recipient: Hannah Solomon

Dr. Stan Kushnir Memorial Award

This award has been established by family, friends and associates of the late Dr. Stan Kushnir, a graduate of the University of Toronto and past president of the Ontario Society of Clinical Hypnosis. It is awarded a student in the final year of the medical program, has demonstrated special interest and achievement in the field of Psychiatry.

  • 2019 recipient: Angela Han

Dr. Jean Wasserman Wolfman Prize In Child Psychiatry

Established by Mrs. Edie Yolles in memory of her late sister, the Wasserman Prize is awarded award to a student in the final year of the medical program who excels in the field of Child Psychiatry, with preference given to a student who most significantly investigates some aspect of autism in children during their elective period.

  • 2019 recipient: Sabrina Agnihotri

Teaching Excellence

Please join us in congratulating our teachers who received the highest TES score!

2013-2014 2014-2015 2015-2016 2016-2017
Dr. Neely Bakshi (CAMH) Dr. Shelley Brook (SMH) Dr. Simran Brar (UHN) Dr. Ken Balderson (SMH)
Dr. Diana Blank (UHN) Dr. Nik Grujich (SHSC) Dr. Tamina Eapen (CAMH) Dr. Simuran Brar (UHN)
Dr. Raed Hawa (UHN) Dr. Raed Hawa (UHN) Dr. Keyghobad Farid Araki (CAMH) Dr. Michelle Carlier (UHN)
Dr. Robert Jaunkalns (SHSC) Dr. David Robertson (SMH) Dr. Alastair Flint (UHN) Dr. Justin Delwo (SHSC)
Dr. Ariel Shafro (THP) Dr. Ariel Shafro (THP) Dr. Raed Hawa (UHN) Dr. Pablo Diaz (CAMH)
Dr. Justin Weissglas (SHSC) Dr. Christopher Tam (OS) Dr. Jon Hunter (MSH) Dr. Philip Gerretsen (UHN)
Dr. Juveria Zaheer (CAMH) Dr. Justin Weissglas (SHSC) Dr. Eileen La Croix (SHSC) Dr. Nikola Grujich (SHSC)
  Dr. Neal Westreich (SHSC) Dr. Kathleen Sheehan (UHN) Dr. Elise Hall (SMH)
  Dr. Chris Willer (SMH) Dr. Justin Weissglas (SHSC) Dr. Raed Hawa (UHN)
  Dr. Juveria Zaheer (CAMH) Dr. Richard Yanofsky (UHN) Dr. Yasir Khan (UHN)
      Dr. Mitesh Patel (CAMH)
      Dr. Brittany Poynter (CAMH)
      Dr. Ayal Schaffer (SHSC)
      Dr. Ariel Shafro (THP)
      Dr. Ilana Shawn (SMH)
      Dr. Katie Sheehan (UHN)
      Dr. Cristian Ulic (MSH)
      Dr. Justin Weissglas (SHSC)