Clinician Scientist – Pregraduate Stream

The pre-graduate stream of the Clinician Scientist Program (CSP) aims to support psychiatry residents in PGY-1* to PGY-4 who are interested in a research career. Early engagement in research activities during psychiatric residency is supported through protected research time, longitudinal research projects, and conference funding. All pre-graduate stream CSP residents are expected to participate in the CSP seminar series (6 seminars per year), and to present at the annual Department of Psychiatry Harvey Stancer Research Day in June.

Residents who are interested in joining the pre-graduate stream typically apply to the program during their first or second year of residency. Reimbursement for travel expenses for presentations at scientific meetings will be available up to $1,500 per year, throughout the 4 years of the pre-graduate CSP program (PGY-1 to PGY-4).

In order to apply, residents must find a supervisor in the Department of Psychiatry who holds an appointment in the School of Graduate Studies, and is willing to commit to supervising a CSP resident during their research training (specifically, two one-month research electives in the PGY-1 year, as well as a half-day per week in the PGY-2, 3 and 4 years). Residents should then work with their supervisor to develop a project plan and research proposal to submit with their application.

Each proposed project will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis. In general projects should be data driven, and provide opportunities for residents to develop both research skills (data analysis, REB application), and a track record of productivity (presentations, and publications). See the section “How to Apply” for more details about project requirements.

*Only in exceptional circumstances (e.g. MD/PhDs) will residents be accepted into CSP prior to the start of residency, however, this is the exception rather than the rule.  Form most medical students entering residency, we would discourage applying to CSP prior to starting residency.  We encourage PGY1s to first complete a research elective to develop an appropriate research project and demonstrate productivity prior to applying.