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The RCPSC STACER Score Sheets are to be utilized for all mock oral, department oral and STACER examinations. We will now use only these evaluation forms at the University of Toronto.


The PGY-4/5 STACER Score Sheet should be utilized for the six mock orals that occur during PGY-4.

There has been some confusion regarding how time should be managed during the STACER and the details of time management unfortunately are not explicitly laid out in the actual STACER Procedure Sheet from the Royal College. The STACER procedure for PGY-4/5 should be as follows:

  • There are two Examiners (or “Assessors”) who are not current supervisors of the resident during the current rotation or last rotation.
  • The patient is unknown to the Resident and the two Examiners.
  • The resident interviews the patient for 50 minutes.
  • At 50 minutes the Examiners announce the time: “We are now at 50 minutes”.
  • The resident should start ending the interview as soon as possible but has until 55 minutes.
  • At 55 minutes, if the resident is still interviewing, the Examiners should shut down the interview. The patient should then leave (and if necessary be escorted back to the inpatient unit).
  • The resident has 10 minutes to collect their thoughts if they end the patient interview at 50 minutes but less time if they end the actual interview between 50 and 55 minutes.
  • At 60 minutes sharp, the Examiners should ask the resident to present the case.
  • The case presentation, differential diagnosis, formulation, management and Q&A should then take 45 minutes.
  • The Examiners should then ask the resident to wait outside while they confer together. The Examiners should reach a consensus about whether the resident’s observed performance Meets Expectations or Does Not Meet Expectations for a Junior Consultant. There is no numerical mark. The decision is consensual.
  • The Examiners should then invite the resident back into the room and provide the resident with direct feedback about their performance.

The resident must pass 2 different STACERs but has no limit to the number of attempts they can make.

In our November meeting, the PRPC has endorsed a new policy, whereby if a PGY-4 or PGY-5 resident does not pass 2 or more STACER assessments and also may be experiencing weakness in some other aspect of residency training, the Resident Evaluation Subcommittee will meet with the resident in order to discuss an educational prescription in order to ensure success in the future.


COPE recently endorsed a PGY-2/3 STACER Score Sheet. This formative assessment has less assessment criteria than the PGY-4/5 STACER Score Sheet. The PGY-2/3 STACER will be conducted exactly the way we currently conduct the Departmental Oral Examination at the end of the PGY-2 year (with two examiners and a consensual assessment of the resident’s performance). The attached PGY-2/3 STACER Score Sheet will be utilized instead of the previously used Departmental Oral Score Sheet which will be removed from circulation. For mock orals, we recommend that the new PGY-2/3 STACER Score Sheet now be utilized. For both mock orals and for the end of year PGY-2 STACER, the STACER Feedback Form should also be utilized. Please note that PGY-2 residents should be assessed as meeting/not meeting the competency expectations of PGY-2s, not PGY-4/5 residents.

We will continue to expect six Mock Orals per year in PGY-2, PGY-3 and PGY-4.

Please note that PGY-3 STACERs that are specific to Child Psychiatry and Geriatric Psychiatry are currently being developed by COPE with input from both the Child and Geriatric Psychiatry Specialty Committees. These new Child and Geriatric Psychiatry STACERs have not yet been formalized. Therefore, Mock Orals during the PGY-3 year should still continue to utilize the new PGY-2/3 STACER Score Sheet and the STACER Feedback Form.

By January 2012, only these score sheets should be used for PGY-2 and PGY-3 mock orals and for the end of year PGY-2 STACER and PGY-3 STACER.

 Download the Psychiatry Clinical Evaluation – Junior Residency (PGY2 or PGY3). (55.5 KB)

STACER Schedule:



Practice STACER









1 General




1 Child

1 Geri




2 Exit



6 (or until STACERs complete)


6 (or until STACERs complete)