Department of Psychiatry

Dr. Albert Wong MD, PhD
Brain and Therapeutics
Contact Info
T: (416) 535-8501 34010
Centre for Addiction & Mental Health
250 College St
323, Medical Sciences
Toronto, ON, M5T 1R8
Appointment Status Primary

Albert Wong is a neuroscientist and psychiatrist at the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health. He attended medical school at the University of Toronto, where he completed specialty training in psychiatry and a PhD in neurobiology.


Department of Pharmacology and Institute of Medical Science


Research Synopsis

Our lab is interested in disease mechanisms in mental disorders like schizophrenia, depression and PTSD. We use animal models to investigate gene x environment interactions, epigenetics, transcription and neurodevelopment. We also have human clinical samples and studies probing spatial navigation in a VR environment.

Students have the opportunity to work on a number of related projects:

(1) miR137 gene mutant mouse models - characterization of behaviour, brain development, and molecular pathology related to schizophrenia;

(2) Clinical and molecular studies of new treatments for PTSD;

(3) Heritability of DNA methylation profiles and effects on behavioural phenotype in the mouse;

(4) Virtual reality tools for assessment and treatment in psychiatry.