Department of Psychiatry

Dr. John D. Haltigan PhD, MS
Assistant Professor
Child and Adolescent, Equity, Gender and Population
John Haltigan
Contact Info
T: (416) 535-8501 39386
Centre for Addiction & Mental Health
80 Workman Way
Toronto, ON, M6J 1H4
Appointment Status Primary

M.S., Ph.D., Developmental Psychology

University of Miami (FL)

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Research Synopsis

Professor Haltigan's research program investigates the structure, determinants, course, and co-occurrence of child and adolescent mental and physical illness from a developmental psychopathology perspective. He has a core substantive interest in the legacy of early caregiving and social experiences and the mechanisms and processes that bring them to bear on child and adolescent functioning and health. His interdisciplinary research is informed by a life history, evolutionary perspective, and draws on both primary data collection efforts and secondary analyses of large, multi-site longitudinal investigations. A key feature of his work is the novel and creative use of measurement science and longitudinal methods to address classic and emerging questions in human development and psychopathology (e.g., Haltigan, Aitken et al., 2018; Haltigan, Leerkes, et al., 2014; Haltigan & Vaillancourt, 2016), and to improve early identification of incipient psychopathology. Professor Haltigan seeks to apply cutting-edge variable and person-centered quantitative approaches that enable more precise and rigorous tests of developmental hypotheses in social science and health research (Haltigan, Roisman, & Fraley, 2013). In his work, professor Haltigan utilizes multi-informant, multi-method, and multi-level analytic approaches to address both basic and applied questions in developmental science.