Department of Psychiatry

Dr. Shupeng Li
Assistant Professor
Brain and Therapeutics
Contact Info
T: (416) 535-8501 34881
Centre for Addiction & Mental Health
250 College St
Toronto, ON, M5T 1R8
Appointment Status Primary


Research Synopsis

My primary research interest lays in the investigation of the molecular mechanisms underlying neurotransmitter receptors that may contribute to unlocking the mysteries of the neuronal functions in patients with brain dysfunctions, such as schizophrenia, depression and addictive disorders.
Various neurotransmitter receptors interact with each other via direct interaction or indirect cellular signaling pathways. Deciphering the pathological molecules within a specific neuronal cell type or certain circuit will not only help us to understand the molecular bases of psychological processes and related psychiatric diseases, but also to provide us the unique target for therapeutic development.