John P.M. Court
Associate Professor
Psychotherapies, Humanities and Educational Scholarship
John Court
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T: (416) 535-8501 32159
Centre for Addiction & Mental Health
1001 Queen St W
Unit 1
Toronto, ON, M6J 1H4
Appointment Status Primary

John Court, who holds social science degrees from the University of  Toronto with certifications as a professional archivist and a heritage  professional, is the Corporate Archivist for CAMH.  As an historian of  medicine and psychiatry he was appointed to the Department of  Psychiatry in 2002, now serving since 2016 as an Associate Professor.  In 2013 John was appointed to the Institute of Medical Science as a  
Graduate Faculty Associate, teaching a seminar module on the History of Psychiatry while serving on graduate students’ thesis committees. He also serves as a Graduate Faculty Associate in the Department of  Psychiatry’s Clinical Scientist Program (CSP), having co-supervised an historian Post-doctoral Fellow.



• Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH)
• Institute of Medical Science (IMS) – Graduate Faculty Associate
(Faculty of Medicine)
• Centre for Faculty Development (Faculty of Medicine at St. Michael’s Hospital)
• The Wilson Centre for Research in Education (Faculty of Medicine at the University Health Network)
• York University, Founders’ Honour Society
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•John P.M. Court, Alexander I.F. Simpson and Christopher Webster (2014), “Contesting Mad versus Bad: The Evolution of Forensic Mental Health Services and Law at Toronto,” Psychiatry, Psychology and Law, pp. 1-19.
DOI: 10.1080/13218719.2014.918079

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Research Synopsis

History of medicine, psychiatry, and medical and science education; employing archival research as the principal methodology, focusing on the histories of Canadian institutions of higher learning, particularly universities and their medical schools. In addition, examining the histories of institutions for the care and treatment of illness, with emphasis on mental health, addiction and forensic psychiatry facilities.