You asked about...Here's what we did!

1. I think we should be able to continue to work on the TTD EPAs after Springboard. We need more time and opportunities.

Yes! The initial plan was that TTD1 and TTD2 would be completed by the end of Springboard. But, we are learning that there were not enough opportunities for residents to complete them. Please continue to work on these EPAs when on-call, during LAE or during pscyhiatry rotations.

2. TTD2 is very difficult to achieve in the settings where I am practicing. There are no opportunities for participating in an admission.

Great feedback and we suspect that this is true for several residents. We are continuing to work on getting the language of the EPAs right and ensuring that they are applicable to more clinical experiences. Based on your suggestion, the wording of Milestone 1 in TTD2 has been changed from 'write an admission note' to 'write a clinical note.'

3. There are a lot of requirements associated with the first milestone of TTD1. I am finding that this is too complex for a PGY1 performing their first interviews.

Fair enough! Covering the standard domains of assessment may be too much to expect. To address your concern, we have change TTD1 Milestone 1 from 'Perform an interview that covers the standard domains of assessment' to 'Perform an interview that covers the pertinent data on the presenting complaint or problem.' This reduces the requirements of Milestone 1 and makes it more achieveable. Thanks for you your feedback.

4. I think that you have neglected to include community treatment orders from the Mental Health Act forms or Health Care Consent Act forms in FOD4.

Duly noted! We have added community treatment order to FOD4. Thanks!

5. I am a PGY1 supervisor and I need a lot more help understanding CBD.

OK. Thanks for letting us know. As always, you can access resources on this webpage and send any questions to We recently posted the CBD Just-In-Time Primer videos from a session that was held back in July 2018 for Faculty. You can access these videos through your Quercus account. The topics include: Overview of CBD, Using the Electronic EPA Tool, LAE Easy as 1-2-3, Coach’s Corner – the Coaching Model in CBD, and Psychotherapy in CBD.