Fellowship Workshop Series

About the workshop: These monthly workshop series features exceptional clinician scientists presenting on a wide-range of subjects, and provides a unique forum for fellows to learn, get better acquainted with each other, and share ideas to foster collaborations.  This workshop series will also address important transitions and milestones in the career development in clinical practice, education and research. 

These special seminars are being organized for your benefit. It is important that you actively participate, as the seminars are selected to benefit your fellowship and future professional development. The seminars are seeing conducted by the world-renowned academic leaders and I would request that you make every possible effort to attend them. Please let me know if there are any obstacles for your attendance. Also, kindly note that YOUR ATTENDANCE IN MANDATORY, will be documented and taken into account for assessment of the successful fellowship completion. It will be included in the recommendation to PGME regarding your graduation and certificate for successful completion of your fellowship.