Instructions for Poster Presentations

Poster Format

  1. As a general rule, posters can be based upon the guidelines for any scientific meeting. UofT’s library has some helpful suggestions: Poster design tips and tricks
  2. Each poster will have available an area of five feet (1.5 m) wide and three feet (~ 1m) high. Material will be available to attach your poster to the boards.
  3. The size for your poster board will be 6 feet wide x 3 feet high. Tables, graphs, and pictures greatly enhance poster presentations.
  4. Downloadable Poster Templates in PowerPoint format:
    1. Psychiatry Poster Template 1 (369.68 KB)
    2. Psychiatry Poster Template 2 (129.04 KB)
  5. The poster need not include the entire text of the paper.
  6. It would be desirable to have copies of the abstract or complete paper available as handouts, or a paper pad for persons to write their names and addresses so that copies can be sent to them.


Things to Keep in Mind

  1. Do not make this an expensive or overly-elaborate presentation.
  2. The emphasis should be on content and clarity.
  3. Use oversize type (if it is available).
  4. Do not exceed the space limitations.
  5. Judging of posters will take place on Research Day, time TBD.