News roundup - April 2021

May 10, 2021

Our faculty members frequently make appearences in the media as expert consultants or authors. Each month we summarize some of the most recent media appearences and contributions our faculty have made.

Why do we cry when we are sad?

CBC Quirks and Quarks. April 30, 2021. Featuring Dr. Roger McIntyre.

Dr. McIntyre examines the scientific puzzle of why we cry, and possible biological and evolutionary explanations.


Psychiatrist takes calls on kids' mental health

CBC Ontario Today with Rita Celli. April 28, 2021. Featuring Dr. Rachel Mitchell.

Dr. Mitchell answers parents' and teens' questions about anger, anxiety, eating disorders, suicidal thoughts and fears prompted by the pandemic.


Demand for antidepressants surges during the pandemic

CBSN. April 27, 2021. Featuring Dr. Roger McIntyre.

Dr. McIntyre discusses the increase in antidepressent use during the pandemic .


Anxiety over post-pandemic socialization on the rise

Yahoo News. April 26, 2021. Featuring Dr. Roger McIntyre.

Dr. McIntyre discusses the anxiety many are feeling about returning to normal life.


Heart rate variability a biomarker of bipolar disorder severity?

Medscape. April 26, 2021. Featuring Dr. Abigail Ortiz.

Dr. Ortiz's study indicates a reduced heart rate variability (HRV) is associated with severity in patients with bipolar disorder.


Living through the pandemic may cause varying degrees of trauma: expert

CTV News. April 24, 2021. Featuring Dr. Katy Kamkar.

Dr. Kamkar discusses the collective stress caused by the pandemic and the possibility of trauma.


Losing sight of the COVID-19 finish line: How more lockdowns, cases blur hope

Global News. April 23, 2021. Featuring Dr. Roger McIntyre.

Dr. McIntyre explains the impacts of chronic, unpredicatbale stress caused by the pandemic.


The complications of getting COVID-19 vaccinations in Ontario for visitors

Global News. April 22, 2021. Featuring Dr. Michaela Beder.

Dr. Beder talks about the barriers preventing those without health cards from obtaining vaccinations.


Study suggests people with schizophrenia are at a greater risk of severe COVID-19

CTV News. April 20, 2021. Featuring Dr. Saadia Sediqzadah.

Dr. Sediqzadah explains the barriers to care face by people with mental illness and what supports are needed.


Study: Mental Health Help Is Crucial For People in Police Custody

VeryWellHealth. April 20, 2021. Featuring Dr. Roger McIntyre.

Dr. McIntyre comments on a study suggesting that people detained in police custody may have higher rates of untreated mental illnesses than the general population.


Mental Health and Pandemic Pregnancy

Pandemic Pregnancy Guide Instagram.  April 19, 2021. Featuring Dr. Ariel Dalfen

Dr. Ariel Dalfen provides advice on maintaining mental health during pregenancy in the pandemic context on St. Michael's Pandemic Pregnancy Guide Instagram.


Suicide prevention during COVID-19: The healing power of connection and mutual support

The Conversation. April 19, 2021. By Dr. Kenneth Fung.

Dr. Fung writes about the importance of connection during the pandemic.


B.C. suicide rate declined 26 per cent in first eight months of COVID pandemic

Vancouver Sun. April 17, 2021. Featuring Dr. Mark Sinyor.

Dr. Sinyor's study shows a drop in suicide rates in BC during the pandemic.


Canadian obstetricians call on feds to prioritize those who are pregnant for vaccines

CTV News. April 15, 2021. Featuring Dr. Ariel Dalfen.

Dr. Ariel Dalfen talks about the mental health impacts of the higher rate of incubation among pregnent women with COVID-19.


Almost half of incident psychiatric ED visits are first-contact visits

Healio. April 14, 2021. Featuring Dr. Paul Kurdyak.

Dr. Kurdyak shares the results of a research paper with important implications regarding accessibility of mental health care.


Faces of U of T Medicine: #FrancoMed

MDProgram News. April 13, 2021. Featuring Dr. Susan Quesnel.

Dr. Quesnel talks about her role in the creation of a centralized online program for learning medical French.


Researchers discover genetic risk factors for childhood OCD

News Medical. April 12, 2021. Featuring Drs. Paul Arnold, Jennifer Crosbie, and Russell Schachar.

Dr. Arnold, Dr. Crosbie, and Dr. Schachar comment on their research uncovering risk factors for OCD.


Study: A Third of COVID Patients Develop Neuropsychiatric Symptoms

VeryWell Health. April 12, 2021. Featuring Dr. Roger McIntyre.

Dr. McIntyre discusses the results of a study showing up to a third of people with COVID-19 have long-term neuropsychiatric symptoms, including psychosis and anxiety.


What does our fear response have to do with protests

OMNY FM. April 12, 2021. Featuring Dr. Roger McIntyre.

Dr. McIntyre discusses the rise of protests and rallies during Ontario's third wave, and how the human brain is wired to handle the stress.


Community Newsletter: Female protective effect, genetic risk factors, identity-first rejection

Spectrum. April 11, 2021. Featuring Dr. Meng-Chuan Lai

Spectrum highlights Dr. Lai's comments on a recent research paper.


Teens need coping skills to deal with anger during pandemic: doctor

CP24. April 10, 2021. Featuring Dr. Joanna Henderson.

Dr. Henderson discusses the importance of establishing a predictable routine for sleeping, eating and exercise for teens.


Spit samples uncover genetic risk factors for paediatric obsessive-compulsive disorder

University of Calgary News. April 9, 2021. Featuring Dr. Paul Arnold

Dr. Arnold is a co-principal investigator on a study which identified a genome-wide significant risk gene relevant to childhood OCD.


Holocaust Remembrance Day 2021

OMA President's Update. April 8, 2021. Featuring Dr. Frank Sommers.

On Holocaust Remembrance Day 2021, OMA President Dr. Samantha Hill congratulations Dr. Sommers on to ensuring that all of Canada's medical schools incorporate Holocaust education into their curriculum.


Stressed about returning to ‘normal’ life after COVID-19? Experts share tips to cope

Global News. April 8, 2021. Featuring Dr. Roger McIntyre.

Dr. McIntyre speaks about managing the feelings of stress and anxiety that arise when people experience a large life transition.


This is your brain on pandemic: What chronic stress is doing to us

CBC News. April 1, 2021. Featuring Dr. Roger McIntyre.

Dr. McIntyre discusses the daily, unpredictable, malignant stress that the pandemic causes, and its impact on our brains.