Department of Psychiatry

Two days of international collaboration at our second Neuropsychiatry Symposium

May 30, 2019
On May 8 and 9, the 2nd University of Toronto - Brain Hospital of Guangzhou Medical University Neuropsychiatry Symposium was a success! Experts from the University of Toronto and the Brain Hospital of Guangzhou Medical University came together to explore some of the most pressing issues and exciting advances in psychiatry today.

The symposium offered an opportunity for international knowledge-sharing and collaboration between some of psychiatry’s leading minds and featured lectures and round-table discussions on Schizophrenia, Geriatric Psychiatry, Children and Youth Mental Health, and Depression and Suicide.

Among the numeorus speakers at the event Dr. Yuping Ning, Director of the Brain Hospital of Guangzhou, spoke about researching the possibility that olfactory impairment (loss of sense of smell) can be used to predict the development of Alzeimer's Disease in individuals suffering from Late Life Depression. Dr. Kangguang Lin gave a talk about early detection of bipolar disorder, exploring the possibility of identifying biomarkers of bipolar disorder in early stages and making preventative treatment possible.

The event also included talks from Labatt Family Chair of the Department of Psychiatry Dr. Benoit Mulsant on interventions to prevent dementia.

It was a privilege share ideas and discoveries with our colleagues from the Brain Hospital of Guangzhou, and we look forward to many opportunities for collaboration to come.

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