Department of Psychiatry

The Psychiatry Residents’ Association of Toronto (PRAT)

The Psychiatry Residents’ Association of Toronto’s vision is to facilitate a more enriching and satisfying professional, educational, and social experience for each resident.  PRAT is committed to achieving this through resident advocacy within and beyond the university, promoting communication, support, and collegiality within the resident body, and by undertaking creative initiatives for the future.

PARO Helpline number is 1-866-HELP-DOC


Co-Presidents: Rachel Carr, Sabrina Botsford

Co-Vice-Presidents: Evan Baker, Geoffrey Leblond


Senior Events Representatives: 

Senior Communications Representative: 

COPE Representative: Dilip Koshy

CBD Representative: Hamza Riaz

Junior Finance Representative: 

Junior Events Representative: 

Junior Communications Representative: 

PGY1 Representatives: 

PGY2 Representatives: 

PGY3 Representative: 

PGY4 Representative: