Status-Only Faculty Series

This specific series of seminar is offered to all non-MD Faculty to help provide mentorship, opportunity for dialogue and sharing to help support career development, promotions, learning about seeking opportunities and generally provide overall support for a successful and rewarding career within the Department of Psychiatry.

The format will generally include a guest/expert lead in the area but most importantly will include opportunity for discussion, questions and sharing of ideas or resources on the topic.

Topics selected are based on input from our nonMD Faculty , including feedback surveys and focus groups conducted with department members:  

  • Career tracks and  development,
  • Opportunities for engagement,
  • Seeking external funding;
  • Promotion (including preparing various types of Dossiers),
  • Career as a researcher, in CPA (including Quality Improvement)
  • Developing a career in teaching/education,
  • Leading or negotiating within teams, and
  • Opportunities for scholarship and other topics.

Time: Last Tuesday of each month: 3:30-5pm. Notices of location sent out prior to each session.

Mary Jane Esplen PhD
Professor and Vice-Chair, Basic and Clinical Sciences
Department of Psychiatry