CSP Alumni Profiles

Jonathan Lee

Degree(s): HBSc, MD

Program (Year): CSP Graduate Stream

Email: chiaho.lee@utoronto.ca

At the beginning of my psychiatric training I was lucky enough to be connected with Dr. Daskalakis who was an ideal supervisor and mentor and was instrumental in fostering my interest in research. I am interested in becoming a clinician-scientist to find ways to integrate brain stimulation methods to better understand and treat psychiatric disorders affecting children and adolescents. For the past two years I have explored brain plasticity in healthy adolescents using a paradigm known as paired-associative stimulation. I hope to create new brain stimulation-based treatments to advance the field of child and adolescent psychiatry.

Project Title: Repetitive transcranial magnetic (rTMS) in youth depression: Efficacy and targets of response

Supervisor(s): Dr. Jeff Daskalakis

Joshua Rosenblat

Degree(s): MD

Program (Year): CSP Graduate Stream

Email: joshua.rosenblat@utoronto.ca

Ever since elementary school, I have been extremely interested in science and ‘doing experiments.’  This interest has grown greatly over the years as I have had the opportunity to work in several labs throughout my undergraduate degree as well as during medical school.

My main field of interest currently is the interaction between mood disorders and medical comorbidities (more specifically, inflammatory and metabolic disorders).  Understanding the biological underpinnings of these interactions may lead to an improved understanding of the pathophysiology of mood disorders. This improved understanding may also allow for the discovery of novel therapeutic targets that may simultaneously treat mood disorders and medical comorbidities.

Project Title: Interactions between Mood Disorders and Medical Comorbidities

Supervisor: Dr. Roger S. McIntyre

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June Lam

June Lam is a youth psychiatry fellow and a PhD student in Clinical Epidemiology & Health Care Research at the University of
Toronto. He has a clinical and research interest in working with underserved and marginalized populations, including with transgender
and gender diverse, homeless, and new immigrant populations. He is part of the Clinician Scientist Program (CSP), working on a
CIHR-funded qualitative study understanding the suicidal behaviour of Chinese and Chinese-Canadian women. His PhD thesis uses
mixed methods to study access to acute and post-discharge mental health care for transgender and gender diverse individuals.

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Katrina Hui

Katrina Hui is a psychiatry resident at the University of Toronto. Before completing medical school at McMaster University, she received a B.S. in Biology and a minor in Philosophy from Stanford University and an M.S. in Bioethics at Columbia University. She has published work in ethics, advocacy, and addictions, including in The Lancet and Psychopharmacology. She is currently a Clinician-Scientist-in-Training pursuing mixed methods mental health services research with a main research focus on implicit bias in medicine.

Supervisor(s): Dr. Juveria Zaheer

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Lucy Barker

Degree(s): MD

Program (Year): CSP Graduate Stream, (Fellow)

Email: lucy.barker@utoronto.ca

My research interests include women’s mental health, reproductive psychiatry, psychiatric services, and the social determinants of
mental health. I am in the Clinical Epidemiology and Health Care Research program through the Institute for Health Policy,
Management and Evaluation. My PhD thesis uses Ontario population-level data to explore the outcomes of postpartum women who
visit the emergency department for mental health care, and takes an intersectional feminist approach to understand gaps in care and
disparities for women experiencing multiple forms of marginalization. My goal is establish a research program that improves the design
and delivery of mental health services for marginalized women.

Project Title: Maternal postpartum psychiatric emergencies: applying an intersectional feminist framework to understand outcomes and
better identify groups of women whose care needs are not being met

Supervisor(s): Dr. Simone Vigod

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Paul Kudlow

Degree(s): MD, PhD

Program (Year): Clinician Scientist Program (2019)

Email: paul.kudlow@mail.utoronto.ca

Paul is currently completing his residency in psychiatry at the University of Toronto. Paul recently returned to residency from a 4-year leave of absence. In his leave, Paul launched and sold a technology business, TrendMD, as well as earned his PhD for research in the fields of bibliometrics, knowledge dissemination, and scholarly communication from the Institute of Medical Sciences at the University of Toronto. 

Project Title: Increasing the Reach, Usage, and Impact of Scholarly Content

Supervisor(s): Dr. Reinhart Reithmeier; Dr. Aviv Shachak 

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Simina Toma

Degree(s): MD

Program (Year): CSP Pregraduate Stream

Email: simina.toma@utoronto.ca

My research interest stemmed from longstanding intellectual curiosity and enthusiasm about finding new ways to approach problems.

With its clinical complexity, treatment challenges, and strong biological basis with undeniable psychological impact, Bipolar Disorder is one the most fascinating psychiatric illness, and the cause of intractable suffering. I intent to contribute to the understanding of its development and progression, which can lead to treatment targets for early intervention.

My current project is aiming to investigate the biological underpinnings of the different bipolar subtypes, with the goal to assess whether neuroanatomical factors support the clinical distinctions between BD-I, II and NOS, as well as the inclusion of BD-NOS in the bipolar spectrum.

Project Title: Neuroimaging in youth Bipolar subtypes

Supervisor(s): Dr. Ben Goldstein

Simon Yu

Tanya Hauck

Dr. Tanya Hauck MD PhD FRCPC is completing the Bellwood Fellowship in addictions psychiatry and also currently completing a MSc degree in clinical epidemiology through the Institute of Health Policy, Management and Evaluation at the University of Toronto.  Her research interests include the clinical epidemiology of substance use disorders and their treatment, and the treatment of comorbid PTSD and substance use disorders.

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Tyler Kaster

I’ve been passionate about research since my undergraduate degree in Medical Biophysics. Because of my background, I initially wanted to be a radiologist and therefore completed research in cardiac PET imaging. However, because of my clinical experiences I was drawn to psychiatry. Since starting my psychiatry residency I have been involved in brain stimulation research which allows me to leverage my biophysics training. In the future I hope to develop a career as a clinician scientist using brain stimulation as a technique to better understand and treat psychiatric illness.

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