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Hospital Site Coordinators


Site Director

Education Coordinator

Baycrest Centre for Geriatric Care
3560 Bathurst StreetToronto, ON M6A 3E1


Dr. Catalina Lopez de Lara
TEL 416-785-2500 x3359


Cormier, Charmaine
TEL 416-785-2500 x2747
FAX 416-785-2450


CAMH – Queen Street Site 1001 Queen Street W. § Toronto, ON
M6J 1H4


Dr. Shaheen Darani
TEL 416-535-8501 x32984


Sheryl Dizon
TEL 416-535-8501 x30711


George Hull Centre
81 The East Mall, 3rd floor Toronto, ON M8Z 5W3


Dr. Upasana Krishnadev 


Kellisa Webb
TEL: 416-622-8833 x294
FAX 416-622-7068

Sick Kids Centre for Community Mental Health
440 Jarvis StreetToronto, ON M4Y 2H4

Diane Philipp

Suventhini Thamotharampillai
TEL 416-924-1164 x3223
FAX 416-924-8208

Hospital For Sick Children (HSC)
555 University AvenueToronto, ON M5G 1X5

Dr. Nicola Keyhan
TEL 416-813-5760

Sandra Silva
TEL 416-813-6510
FAX 416 813-5326

Lakehead Psychiatric Hospital
P.O. Box 2930, 580 Algoma Street North
Thunder Bay, ON P7B 5G4

Dr. Suzanne Allain
TEL 803-343-4300 x4278


TEL 803-343-4300 x4278
FAX 803-343-4361
Toll Free: 1-800-209-9034


Mount Sinai Hospital (MSH)
600 University AvenueToronto, ON M5G 1X8


Dr. Mark Halman


Connie Kim
TEL 416-586-4800 x8436
FAX 416-586-8654 


North York General Hospital (NYGH)
4001 Leslie StreetToronto, ON M2K 1E1


Dr. Michael Tseng


Fay Verveniotis
TEL 416-756-6316
FAX 416-756-6671


Ontario Shores Centre for Mental Health Sciences
P.O. Box 613, 700 Gordon Street, Whitby, ON L1N 5S9


Dr. Misha Hartfeil

Tracy Henry
TEL 905.430.4055 Ext. 6716


Sault Area Hospitals
969 Queen Street East, Sault Ste. Marie, ON P6A 2C4


Dr. Anna Rogers
TEL 705-759-3434


L. Febbraro, F. Foggia;
TEL 705-759-3434 x4615
FAX 705-256-3494


St. Joseph’s Health Centre (SHC)
30 The QueenswayToronto, ON M6R 1B5




Wendy Murphy  
TEL 416-530-6020
FAX 416-530-6076


St. Michael’s Hospital
30 Bond StreetToronto, ON M5B 1W8


Dr. Chris Willer
TEL 416-864-6060 x3809


Jeff Loudermilk
TEL 416-864-6060 x6481
FAX 416-864-5480


Sunnybrook Hospital (SHSC)
2075 Bayview AvenueToronto, ON M4N 3M5


Dr. Matthew Boyle


Karianne Mintz
TEL 416-480 4094
FAX 416-480-6878   


Surrey Place Centre
2 Surrey PlaceToronto, ON M5S 2C2


Dr. Anupam Thakur
TEL 416-925-5141 x261


Carolyn Lee-Jones
TEL 416- 925-5141 x3116FAX 416-925-2016


Michael Garron Hospital
825 Coxwell AvenueToronto, ON M4C 3E7

Dr. Stephanie Wiesenthal


Julie Battersby
TEL 416-469-6580 x2837
FAX 416-469-6805


Trillium Health Partners,
Mississauga Hospital



Dr. Rebecca Carriere


Keith Leung
TEL(905) 848-7580 x1748


UHN – Toronto General Hospital
200 Elizabeth Street, 8 Eaton North-228Toronto, ON M5G 2C4 

Dr. Lindsey MacGillivray

Sia Maro
TEL 416-340-3814
FAX 416-340-4198


UHN -Toronto Western Hospital
399 Bathurst StreetToronto, ON M5T 2S8


Dr. Lindsey MacGillivray



UHN-Princess Margaret Hospital
610 University Ave.Toronto, ON M5G 2M9


Dr. Lindsey MacGillivray


Women’s College Hospital
76 Grenville StreetToronto, ON M5S 1B2


Dr. Vivian Sapirman (Interim)


Irene Yacoub

Youthdale Treatment Centres
227 Victoria St.Toronto, ON M5B 1T8


Dr. Nathan Scharf
TEL 416-363-3751 x2931


Teresa Ricciuto
TEL 416- 368 4896 x2200
FAX 416-368-5025