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Expense Reimbursements

Travel and Other Reimbursable Expenses – Policies and Guidelines

Reimbursement Rates

General Information

Please  use the most updated Expense Reimbursement form below

Print legibly.

Note that an expenses claim should be for a single trip taken or for non-travel expenses. These two expenses should not be combined.

Reimbursement will be received by the claimant no more than two weeks after submission, if all the necessary receipts and signatures have been provided.

Prior to submitting an expense reimbursement claim, please ensure you have completed the following:


Provided all original receipts. Note that credit card slips or statements are not valid receipts.

If your claim involves air travel, please provide all boarding passes and your flight itinerary. Electronic passes are not acceptable.

Number all your receipts and boarding passes.

If you have a foreign currency receipt and it was paid by a Canadian credit card (converted to CAD), please provide a photocopy of your credit card statement with your expense claim which provides the credit card’s conversion rate. Feel free to black out the non-pertinent items.  Note that if you do not submit a copy of your credit card statement, we will use U of T’s conversion rates based on the date of transaction.

Completing the form

Print your full address, including postal code.

If the reimbursement is for travel, print the period of travel. If not, print the date of the transaction.

If the reimbursement is for travel, print the place of visit and the purpose of visit in the “Location and Description” field.

If the reimbursement is for a meal, please list all attendees.

See policies related to alcohol expenses below

In the “Date prepared” field, fill in the date when you submitted the form and receipts to us.

Sign the form and print your name.

Obtain approval from your supervisor in the “Authorized approval” box. Print their name legibly.

Please provide the account numbers you will be debiting for these expenses on the expense claim, we will use this account information to pay the reimbursement.


Further detailed instructions are available on the Financial Services Department’s website (see below).

Missing Receipts

If you are missing a receipt(s) please complete the missing receipt form (available below).

Note that all original detailed receipts are necessary for reimbursement as per University policy, and by completing the attached form you are acknowledging that you will adhere to this requirement on future expense claims.

Missing Receipts form – PDF