How to Change Docs? Send Them a Letter. The New JAMA Psychiatry Paper on Prescribing

"How do we get doctors to practice better medicine?
Sep 20 / 2018

Physician Burnout and Depression - and Patient Safety

"Not so many years ago, no one seemed to discuss physician burnout. Today, we speak much more about physician health and wellness.
Sep 13 / 2018

ECT & Dementia

"It’s effective but is it really safe? Electroconvulsive therapy (ECT) remains controversial 80 years after its first clinical use. At the heart of the controversy: its effects on cognition. Some wonder about the possibility that ECT could be linked to dementia.
Sep 6 / 2018

Appointment Letters & Focused Therapies – Thinking Outside the Box

"When we speak of improving the quality of mental health care, we often think about cutting-edge innovation – wearables, virtual reality, genetics, to name a few things. This week, there are two selections. Both discuss innovations aimed at improving care – but neither could be considered particularly “cutting edge.”
Aug 30 / 2018
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