Postgraduate Committees

We have a variety of committees to ensure the highest quality of Postgraduate education.

PEAC- Postgraduate Education Advisory Committee

The PEAC (Psychiatry Education Advisory Committee) was created as a vehicle/forum that enables broader consultation and communication on programmatic issues. Represented in this committee are members who do not have a direct administrative role i.e. coordinators of smaller training sites as well as all program representative

Sacha Agrawal

Suzanne Allain

Lisa Andermann

Taylor Armstrong

Andrea Berntson

Sabrina Botsford

Matthew Boyle

Sanjeev Sockalingam (Ex-officio)

Rachel Carr

Rebecca Carriere

Nathaniel Charach

Deanna Chaukos
(Associate PD)

Allison Crawford

Kien Dang

Shaheen Darani

Adrienne Tan (Chair)

Kenneth Fung

Benjamin Goldstein

Daniel Gorman

Beverly Guan

Elise Hall

Mark Halman

Raed Hawa

Ioana Ioardache

Nicola Keyhan

Dilip Koshy

Upasana Krishnadev

John Langley

Victoria Lee

Geoffrey Leblond

Catalina Lopez de Lara


Robert Madan

Jan Malat

Benoit Mulsant (Ex-officio)

Alpna Munshi

Jared Peck

Mary Preisman

Raj Rasasingham

Paula Ravitz

Hamza Riaz

Gail Robinson

Natasha Snelgrove

Anupam Thakur

Michel Tseng

Chris Willer

Stephanie Wiesenthal


PEAC Terms of Reference January 2020 (122 KB)

PRPC- Psychiatry Residency Program Committee

Purpose: Provides governance for the psychiatry residency program in accordance with the rules and regulations of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada.

PRPC Members 

Sanjeev Sockalingam (Ex-officio)  Adrienne Tan (Chair) Alana Munshi
Benoit Mulsant (Ex-officio) Daniel Gorman Mary Preisman
Sabrina Botsford  Beverly Guan Vivian Sapirman (Interim)

Matthew Boyle

Mark Halman Michael Tseng
Rachel Carr  Misha Hartfeil Chris Willer
Rebecca Carriere  Geoffrey Leblond  
Nathaniel Charach Catalina Lopez de Lara  
Deanna Chaukos
(Associate PD)
Hamza Riaz  
 Shaheen Darani Dilip Koshy  



prpc_terms_of_reference_revised_march_2020.doc (126.5 KB)



Resident Curriculum:

Core Curriculum Coordinator PGY1 Dr. Mary Preisman
Core Curriculum Coordinator PGY2 Dr. Andrea Berntson
Core Curriculum Coordinator PGY5 - Dr. Elise Hall
Faculty: Core Curriculum Block Coordinators
Resident Reps:

Resident Evaluation: Oversees the resident evaluation process and determination of remediation process

Terms of Reference Resident Evaluation Subcommittee March 2013.pdf (29.42 KB)

Chair:Dr. Shawn
Faculty: Drs. Fefergrad, Colman, Zaheer, Flak, Ulic, ChatterjeeWeissglas, Munshi.
Residents: Drs. Sabrina Botsford, Rachel Carr

Resident Selection: Oversees the departmental admissions process

Terms of Reference Resident Selection Subcommittee March 2013.pdf (34.76 KB)

Co-Chairs: Drs. Preisman & Rosen
Faculty: Dr. Munshi

Site Feedback: Conducts Bi-annual Site Reviews

Terms of Reference Site Feedback Subcommittee March 2013.pdf (114.02 KB)

Chair: Dr. Lori Wasserman
Faculty: Drs. Sunderji, Wasserman,Weissglas, Willer, De Souza, Grief, Joannou, Keyhan, Peck, Enchin, Andermann & Drandic
Residents: Chief residents of all hospital sites





Resident Safety Committee 2020-2021

Dr. Tracy Alldred, Resident Representative

Dr. Sabrina Agnihotri, Resident Representative

Dr. Lisa Andermann
Mount Sinai Hospital

Dr. Paul Benassi
Centre for Addiction and Mental Health

Dr. Rebecca Carriere
Trillium Health Partners

Dr. Shaheen Darani (Chair)
Centre for Addiction and Mental Health

Justin Delwo
University Health Network

Dr. Bruce Fage
Centre for Addiction and Mental Health

Dr. Mark Fefergrad

Dr. Paul Kudlow, Resident Representative

Dr. Candice Kung, Resident Representative

Dr. David Lee, Resident Representative

Dr. Judy Lin
North York General Hospital

Dr. Anika Maraj
St. Michael's Hospital

Dr. Jovana Martinovic
Women’s College Hospital

Dr. Mitesh Patel
Centre for Addiction and Mental Heath

Dr. Raj Rasasingham
Humber River Regional Hospital

Dr. Aviva Rostas
Centre for Addiction and Mental Health

Dr. Adam Tasca
Centre for Addiction and Menthal Health

Dr. Jessica Thoma
Centre for Addiction and Mental Health

Dr. Chase Thompson, Resident Representative

Dr. Kineta Valoo, Resident Representative

Dr. Victor Vien
Centre for Addiction and Mental Health 

Dr. Juveria Zaheer
Centre for Addiction and Mental Health




Competency By Design (CBD) Committees

Please refer to the CBD Committee Membership page for more information.