News roundup - September 14 to October 15, 2020

Oct 21, 2020

Our faculty members frequently make appearences in the media as expert consultants or authors. Each week, we summarize some of the most recent media appearences and contributions our faculty have made.


Canadians reporting higher levels of anxiety, depression amid the pandemic

Global News. October 10, 2020. Featuring John Trainor.

John Trainor emphasizes the growing concern in higher trends of Anxiety and Depression experienced by Canadians amid the pandemic.


Ontario doctor says a COVID-19 winter is going to be especially hard on women

Narcity. October 10, 2020. Featuring Dr. Karen Abrams.

Dr. Karen Abrams brings awareness to how the upcoming cold season may have a greater effect on women’s wellbeing and suggestions on how to practice self-care.


Pandemic’s impact on mental health must not be overlooked

OurWindsor. October 9, 2020. Featuring Dr. David Gratzer.

Dr. David Gratzer recounts his experience with the 2003 SARS outbreak on mental health and emphasizes the importance of continued focus on mental and physical health awareness during these unsettling times.


Inside the mental health crisis at Canadian universities

Macleans. October 8, 2020. Featuring Dr. Joanna Henderson.

Dr. Joanna Henderson discusses how COVID-19 management has exacerbated the mental health crisis of young Canadians and addresses concerns about accessibility of mental health resources amid inadequate funding.


長者在疫情下面對的心理健康困擾 (Mental health issues faced by seniors during COVID19 pandemic)

OMNI Television. October 2, 2020. Featuring Dr. Alan Fung.

Dr. Alan Fung speaks with OMNI to bring awareness of the drastic effects of COVID-19 on the elderly community and highlights his participation in mental health talks to help deal with these struggles.


Autism shares brain structure changes with other psychiatric conditions

Spectrum. October 1, 2020. Featuring Dr. Tomas Paus.

Dr. Tomas Paus shares his findings on a potential correlation between psychiatric conditions and cortical thickness.


For U of T students, mental health support is available when you need it

UofT News. September 14, 2020. Featuring Dr. Andrea Levinson.

Dr. Andrea Levinson discusses mental health services available across the three campuses, how COVID-19 may affect post-secondary young adults’ mental health differently than other age groups, how the pandemic has changed the delivery of services, and a few coping suggestions to feel more grounded.


Social media harms students’ mental health

The Daily Orange. September 14, 2020. Featuring Dr. Roger McIntyre.

Dr. Roger McIntyre speaks on the  growth in social media usage coinciding with the increase in mental illness in adults. He discusses his previous research of worsening mental health and social media; how it can partially be attributed to anonymity and unsafe or negative interactions on social media platforms.

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